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a photo of Heidi the founder of indiana sun jewellery wearing gold moonstone earrings

Meet Heidi

Heidi is the sole owner, designer, and creator of Indiana Sun Jewellery.

Heidi's love for creating jewellery was ignited in her early 20's and became a passionate hobby of hers for over a decade before Indiana Sun Jewellery came to life in 2020.


Indiana Sun Jewellery reflects Heidi's calling to unite creativity with the beauty of the natural world. Each piece of jewellery is individually and lovingly handcrafted by Heidi in the south of England. There, surrounded by the open sea and tranquil countryside, Heidi pursues her vision of creating fine jewellery that is not only beautiful but also empowering.

Heidi founder of indiana sun jewellery at the beach


Heidi's creations are truly exceptional, with each piece possessing its own unique charm.

 She specialises in crafting using intricate wirework and the traditional art of lost wax carving.


The magic of nature, the beauty of the seasons, the wisdom in the cosmos, and the mystery found in myths and legends are the essential sources of inspiration for the Indiana Sun Jewellery collection. Heidi lets her creative process be driven by intuition and connection to the materials she uses and the sources of inspiration she draws from.

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