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Lana - ‘afloat in calm waters’.

Handcrafted in 14k filled gold with calming Abalone and Green Onyx in a beautiful dream catcher style.

Created to represent a beautiful dream of pure peace.

The beautiful iridescent abalone shell connects you to the power of the ocean and emits a protective shielding quality that promotes inner peace and tranquility.

The abalone shell is thought to balance emotions, and inspire creativity, imagination, and intuition. It is also said to be a powerful ally for those who are seeking new levels of spiritual awareness.

Green Onyx is a stone of power. It provides self-confidence, which helps you feel relaxed. Onyx helps to lead a fulfiling life by banishing grief, enhancing self-control, and fostering sound decision-making. In addition, it promotes happiness

Lana Abalone and Green Onyx Gold Earrings


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