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Beautiful warm golden charm hoops. Handcrafted in 14k filled gold and decorated with hessonite garnet, sunstone and Tourmaline.


Green tourmaline resonates with the heart chakra, it's known for its life-giving vibes, and is an incredible stone for bringing virility, strength, and stamina both physically and emotionally.

It is an earth energy stone that will attune you to the vibration of Mother Gaia.


Sunstone - with its spakling golden orange warmth, is said to harness the life giving power of the Sun. Sunstone activates the sacral chakra - the energy center that governs our sense of pleasure and enjoyment, and our overall life force or chi.


Hessonite garnet - a stone of abundance!

A richly healing stone, Hessonite garnet is a stone that inspires self-confidence, sexual energy, and creativity. One of Hessonite's many gifts is that grounding force from your root chakra. Due to this, hessonite can help to make us feel safe and self-assured. It also links to the sacral chakra, which is the base of all our creativity and pleasures.


Combined, these warm stones emit a sense of wild and passionate fun, creativity, and vitality.

Hessonite and Tourmaline Earrings


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